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Regarding Mr. Toni Schönfelder

When I first met Mr. Schönfelder I was working as a Legal Advisor at the Ministry of Transport and Communications i Stockholm. Since more than 30 years I have been holding different official positions in the Swedish central administration; as Deputy Judge, as Legal Advisor to the Swedish Government and to the Swedish Parliament, as Director-General for a Swedish authority and at present as Director-General for Legal Affairs in the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications.

I got to know Mr Schönfelder in 1983, when he was consulted by a government committee because of his exceptional knowledge of bus- and coach services. Mr. Schönfelder was at that time Managing Director for GDG Continentbus, a company owned by the Swedish Railway (SJ). The GDG company was a great bus operator, with regular services all over Europe and with subsidiary companies in among else Spain and Germany. The company was highly successful and it was undergoing a very positive development and expansion under Mr Schönfelder´s leadership.

Mr. Schönfelder was Managing Director for GDG Continentbus for as much as 18 years. During 12 years he also represented the Swedish Railway in UIC (The Worldwide Organisation of Cooperation for Railway Companies) in Paris acted as Vice President for UIC. For many years Mr. Schönfelder participated in a great lot of other international meetings and conferences concerning lorry- and bus traffic. He was also a member of the boards of the Swedish Railway Ferry Company and the Swedish Railway Foreign Offices as well as subsidiary companies of the Swedish Forrest Authority.

In 1988 Mr. Schönfelder became Managing Director for the EffJohn Company, the leading ferry- and cruising company owning ferries and cruise liners all over the world. During this time the company also came to manage the Russian Baltic Co., S:t Petersburg, one of the world´s largest freight and container shipowners.

As early as in the nineteen eighties Mr. Schönfelder was a well-known and most respected person in the transport line of business in Sweden. Ever since, he has been an authority in the line with an excellent reputation concerning knowledge and experience. Mr. Schönfelder has always been a real entrepreneur, with lots of ideas and new ways of thinking as regards both transports and other businesses.

In addition to being a successful, hard-working businessman and transport authority, Mr. Schönfelder has a truly good reputation and has always been highly respected both as representative for Swedish Authorities and in business.

I can recommend Mr. Toni Schönfelder as a most competent and honourable person.


Lennart Renbjer retired, Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications.
F.d.rättschef i Näringsdepartementet

legal director of Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications

Sveriges Bussresearrangörer (SB) är medlem i följande organisationer

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